Booking&Attendance Service

Have you ever had trouble with making appointments at the doctor’s office, restaurants and salons?  For most cases, receptionists  only speak Japanese. Even though it might be certified as a foreign resident, hospitals may ask you to bring a Japanese speaker with you to check in. Veterinarians may not even speak English. Just text or call us with your requirements. We will make appointments and arrangements for you!


As a general rule, hospital accepts referrals from medical clinics and other medical institutions. Before visiting the hospital, please obtain a letter of referral from the doctor at your current medical clinic or hospital. Patients without a letter of referral will be charged an extra non-referred new patient fee. We will make an appointment with the information of your symptoms, your name, birth date, home or company phone number, the department you wish to consult and the date and time you wish to come. We are also able to arrange attendance service to your hospital visit separately.  Please feel free to contact us!

Multilingual Medical Questionnaires in 18 languages!

Medical expenses:

All care for foreign nationals who do not have Japanese health insurance qualification will be charged extra administrative works. Please ensure to buy travel insurance if you don’t stay longer. To obtain Japanese health insurance requires a permission for staying in Japan over 3 months.

National Health Insurance:

In Japan, the universal insurance system has been introduced, in which all citizens has to enroll public medical insurance.  Foreigners with a permission to stay more than 3 months in Japan who already entered in Japan and registered your residency with local municipal office have to notify your local municipal office within 14 days about enrollment.  This is mandatory process for  all except those who are under corporate healthcare plan or spouse’s healthcare plan which are regulated by governmental law. Please note that the National Health Insurance is not an automatic enrollment procedure although the company will process corporate healthcare plan when you are employed.

Medical tourism: 

Foreign patients who wish to receive medical treatment at a medical institution in Japan, please contact a registered agency who is a medical coordinator or a travel agency, and arrange for consultation. It is possible to issue a medical treatment visa  to foreign patients who visit Japan for the purpose of receiving treatment in Japan and companions (including those who have had a medical checkup etc.). Valid for maximum of 3 years.  The period of stay will be determined based on the condition of foreign patients  –  90 days,  6 months or 1 year. For corporate customers:  we support new employee’s medical checkups and annual checkups.

Veterinary Hospitals:

In order to maintain your pet’s health over the long-term, there are a number of things you can consider doing. You can schedule regular grooming sessions, to get them clean and also give them stylish pet haircuts if that’s what you’re looking for. We will make an arrangement for you. Also, we assist you enrolling insurance for your pets.

Nail Salon & SPA:

Would you like to experience nail art designed with a unique delicate “cute” culture in Japan? Or, good relaxing SPA?  We can make an arrangement for you. Also, if you have any troubles at the store, just call from that place.

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