ABOUT QuickHelpJapan

How we started this business

The idea for this service started by helping many of my Western friends coming to Japan. Simple things like going shopping, ordering food and getting transportation are very difficult to non-Japanese speakers. Looking for English-speaking locals, even at main establishments like restaurants, is not easy in Japan. My Western friends particularly with allergies or religious restrictions were facing big challenges when ordering food with a menu that’s not translated into English or other daily chores such as operating a Japanese washing machine. This is especially true in small cities. Also, Japanese business owners are missing business opportunities. Also, Japan needs to expand its work force, which is shrinking rapidly as a result of a sagging birth rate and an aging population. It is necessary to support foreign workers from taking a job to returning back home. So we simply thought that quick help from English-speaking locals can make everyone enjoy opportunities all over Japan.

About QuickHelpJapan

Who we are

Founded March 3rd, 2017, the date of Japanese Girls’ Festival. We are professional women who all have lived and worked overseas. We are familiar with the gaps between Western and Japanese customs and values. We understand the difficulties you are facing and are excited to help you. We want to make you feel home and enjoy your life in Japan!

Founder: Yukiko Minami

Lived in the U.S for 10 years (1990-2000), graduated college in Iowa and worked for a securities company in NY. After year 2000, worked for major foreign financial institutions in Tokyo. I helped many overseas expatriates who have met through over 20 years’ work experience from interpreters, entertainment setting and troublesome consultation and have realized the necessity of this QuickHelp service. This is also a great opportunity to provide flexible work for those who have difficulties to work full-time due to childcare or nursing care etc. From my personal experience of leaving work for nursing care, I believe it is also important to match people who are in need of help in Japanese and potential bilingual labor force.

Operator: Noriko 

A mother of two children. Lived in US for six years. Love cooking Japanese food and dishes with herbs and spices. Used to be a vegan for a couple years (and then dropped off.) Have been to 28 countries in total for business and leisure. When I was in US, my friends really helped me in many occasions. I am very happy to support you when you need a little help.

Operator: Tommy

Was raised in Australia for 10 years from my early childhood, worked as a concierge at Major hotel in Tokyo after graduating university.
Lived in Singapore for 3 years after getting married. Love to care, love people and looking forward to support you in any ways to make your stay in Japan a pleasant one.

Operator: Yuri

Spent my early childhood in the United States, came back to Japan at the age of 10. Experienced both Japanese and non-Japanese firms during my career, including a major American securities firm and a Japanese engineering firm. I feel I am in love with cultures of both countries, and still love to travel around the U.S. whenever possible. Currently a mother of two young and happy girls. Being fully aware of cultural gaps that exist between Japan and other countries, I am more than happy to assist you in any way to make your life in Japan easier.