Corporate Services

Administrative Support for Foreign Staffs

It requires a huge amount of administrative effort when a staff is relocated to Japan. The question is, who will take care of all the additional work, and what will the quality be? How can their family be all relieved and satisfied with the company’s support? Needless to say this is a tremendously critical factor to improve satisfaction levels of your employees.

We have expertise in handling situations in any levels and stages – we cover assistance from day 1 to their return date, everything taken care in a timely manner with high quality tailor-made service.

Our standard service will be covered by online support which is available 24 hours everyday by chat, e-mails, and free phone calls. Onsite support and professional service is optional. Here are a few samples of what we can do to assist your employees and their families as a whole. Please contact us for more details or customized services.

Contracts can be expanded, reduced or customized as needed. To get a true feel for our service, we are more than happy to set up a trial period. Please consider utilizing our corporate service package as a means of top-class human resources recruitment.

For more information, please contact Yukiko Minami

Foreign staffs recruitment and administrative flow

1. Recruitment, VISA application and Preparation of HR Rules

  • Job Posting, Interviews and Reference Check
  • VISA application
  • Translation and preparation of various corporate rules

2. Starting a new life in Japan and Settlement

New Arrival

  • Airport Pickup
  • Housing Contract
  • Bank Account Setup
  • Ward Office Registration
  • Medical checkups

Day to Day Support

  • Translations of explanations, websites, ward office materials, contracts, and more.
  • Applications and arrangements
  • Making reservations and appointments
  • Negotiation support
  • Trouble support

Childcare, Education and Travels

  • Paperwork support for daycare and kindergarten applications
  • School tour arrangements
  • Translations of school papers
  • Negotiation support
  • Information collection and arrangements
  • Reconfirmation of reservations


  • visitor support
  • Arrangement of Events and corporate training sessions

3. Resignation and Departure

  • Personal Handling Matters (Before Departure: cancellation notice for rental leases and various accounts, After Departure: Pension fund withdrawal and Final Tax Return)