QuickHelpJapan provides professional daily support to foreign residents in Japan, visitors, and tourists with the ultimate goal to break down communication and psychological barriers.

Our services cover daily interpretation, translation, living information service, referrals to specialists and other personalized online and onsite service. Professional bilingual staffs are available 24 hours a day, every day; all of our staff has multi-cultural background and are fully aware of cultural gaps related difficulties.

Standard services will be covered by online support which is available 24 hours everyday by chat, e-mails, and free phone calls. Onsite support and professional service is optional.


Easy Service Flow

  • Implement:

Provide QHJ with user’s name, phone number, and e-mail address. Login with user ID and password given by QHJ.

  • Operation:

Users can be accessed to QHJ services via PC or smartphone. Onsite service provided on request with additional fee.

  • Monitoring:

Users’ status, contract documents, billing details will be shown as needed on the administration page.

Our Online Service

For online support, you can log in to our web or iOS app to start phone calls, e-mails and online chat to get connected to bilingual operators with professional backgrounds!


For any urgent matters or quick help situations.


Send us a photo copies of menus, signs, documents you need help with.


Easiest way to get real time and quick assistance.