Daily support to foreign residents in Japan – Online, Onsite and Professional support

QuickHelpJapan provides professional daily support to foreign residents in Japan with the ultimate goal to break down communication and psychological barriers. Professional bilingual staffs are available 24/7 for translation, living information service, referrals to specialists and other personalized online and onsite service.

Corporate Services

① Comprehensive support from recruitment of foreigners to post-resignation/going back home country

  • Recruitment of foreigners (Job Posting, recruitment, VISA arrangement, Setting up internal rules)
  • Comprehensive daily life support for employees. (The standard service content is equivalent of  private membership)
  • Others: Caring for visitors, event and corporate training arrangements, business support (translation, translation, preparation of documents such as minutes), medical interpretation companion and travel support

Services can be arranged according to your budget and purpose.

【Proposal】QHJ_ 外国人採用から退職後までApr2019(PDFファイル)

② For Shops

  • Introduce your products to foreign customers and support communication.
  • Translation of menus, product lists, brochures, etc.
  • Setting of FAQ


Private Memberships

Support troubles arise from settling down in Japan and the day-to-day living

Standard services will be covered by online support which is available 24 hours everyday by chat, e-mails, and free phone calls. Onsite support and professional service is optional.

  • Administration, medical correspondence: Translation and preparation of documents for pension offices and tax administrator,  hospitalization guidance and other medical related documents such as treatment manual, clinical path, treatment consent letter (Please contact for an Estimate). We assist any troubles at bank, government office, police or hospital counter.
  • Reservation and Attend: Reservation arrangement of member’s selected medical institution, beauty salon, restaurant, etc. Hospital attendants by medical interpreters, travel attendant guides, attendants to government offices or real estate broker etc.
  • House maintenance: Translation of apartment management rules and rules such as firefighting inspection, arrangement of rubbish and communication with on-site staff as needed.
  • Local support others: Outline of Manuals in Japanese for home appliances such as washing machine / drier, rice cooker, setting of home appliances, communication with contractors & negotiation support (consultations about costs)
  • At restaurants: Assisting  menu ordering and translation, communication to the store side such as allergy and religious restrictions.
  • Public transportation: Communication with taxi drivers, subway, train, bus ticket purchase and support for getting on and off.
  • Shopping: Assist ordering stuffs and arrangements for whatever you are looking for

Our Service

For online support, you can log in to our web or iOS app to start phone calls, e-mails and online chat to get connected to bilingual operators with professional backgrounds!


For any urgent matters or quick help situations.


Send us a photo copies of menus, signs and any documents you need help with such as a letter from the government or a questionnaire from clinic. We support complicated administrative procedures at public service.


Easiest way to get real time and quick assistance.