Baggage Storage

A. coin-operated lockers You can find coin-operated lockers at most of JR or subway stations. Standard price of Coin locker: 400 yen/per day: Locker Size: H550×W340×D570(㎜) 500 yen/per day: Locker Size: H840×W340×D570(㎜) 600 yen/per day: Locker Size: H1030×W340×D570(㎜) Coin locker […]

Foreign Currency Exchange

1. Exchange some cash before arriving 2. Avoid exchanging currency at airports or near tourist sites 3. Use ATM machines to get the best exchange rate available 4. Use credit cards for bigger purchases Where to get foreign currency in […]

Discount Coupon

Birthday Coupon Tokyo Disney Land  TGI Friday (BD Photo & BD sweets) USJ USJ BD Passport  (in Japanese only)  Tokyo Joypolice BD passport & present  Tokyo Tower BD present from Tokyo Tower MUJI Muji has very good quality products consisting of […]