Private Memberships

One-Stop Service Center for Business Visitors and Travelers

Numbers of travelers to Japan are growing drastically as Tokyo is about to host the Olympic and Paralympic games on 2020. With regard to Japan’s struggle with an aging and shrinking population, foreign talent recruitment will continue to expand even after 2020, which brings us a huge number of business visitors as well.

Short term visitors and tourists are also welcome to enjoy our professional bilingual services. Our standard service will be covered by online support which is available 24 hours everyday by chat, e-mails, and free phone calls. Onsite support and professional service is optional. Here are a few samples of what we can do to assist you. Please contact us for more details or customized services.

Some of our services are

  1. Travel Insurance and Accident Insurance Arrangement
  2. Vacation Rentals and Service Apartments Arrangements
  3. Overall Communication Support
  4. Trouble Support
  5. Personal Concierge: House Hunting, Medical Attendance and Personal assistant
  6. Pension, Tax support


  • For Personal Concierge services, all services can be provided by  a fixed staff.
  • Please note this is a optional special service and inquire regarding availability prior to your arrival to Japan.