Disclosure: Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

■ Seller
QuickHelpJapan Inc.

■ Address
1-6-11-510, Kamiyoga, Setagaya
Tokyo, Japan 158-0098 

■ Representative
Yukiko Minami, Representative Director

■ Inquiries
Inquiries can be made from https://www.quickhelpjapan.com/ja/contact
Telephone number:03-3707-4420

■ Selling price (or consideration for services)
Displayed on the webpage for purchasing products

■ Fees other than the selling price
Telecommunication fees will incur during the use of the services.

■ Billing
(1) For the monthly billing plan
In the month in which the user begins to use the services, the bill for that month (equivalent to a month’s charge) is settled immediately after the user begins to use the services. For each of the subsequent months, a month’s bill will be settled on the 5th day of each month. Unless the contract is terminated, the billing will be automatically settled in each month.
A full month’s charge will be billed for the month even if the user begins to use the services at the middle of that month or if the user terminates the contract at the middle of that month. In the monthly billing plan, a full month’s charge will also be billed if the user starts to use the services and then terminates the contract within the same month. 
(2) For the transaction billing plan
The selling price (or the consideration for the services) is settled when an application is made by the user.

■ Payment method and timing
When paying with a credit card, the charge will be settled upon finalization of the order. When paying from an invoice, the charge must be settled within 30 days from finalization of the order.
*The charge cannot be settled at a convenience store or through WebMoney, etc.
For more details about the payment method and timing, please see the webpage for purchasing products.

■ Time of delivery (or providing services)
- The services become available after the bill is settled on a credit card. 
- For users paying from an invoice, the services become available after finalization of the order. 
*In both cases, an e-mail will be sent to the user notifying start of the services. The user can start to use the services upon receiving the e-mail. 

■ Conditions for using the services 
To use the services, the user will need to prepare the telecommunication environment (mobile phone, smartphone, etc.) for use.

■ Returning goods
Considering the nature of the product, etc., we do not accept any return of goods.

■ Cancellation after starting the services
The user can terminate the user’s own account by going to “My Account” and applying for “termination of contract.” The termination will be effective from the beginning of the month following the month in which the application is made. Please note that there will be no refund of any portion of the monthly charge for the month in which the application is made.