Best Koshu wines

Have you tried Koshu wine? Koshu wine is the wine made of Japanese wine grape “Koshu” and  is referred as the representative of Japanese wine. When you look for fresh white wine such as Chablis or Pinot Grigio, you should try Koshu.

Let’s go through some of Koshu wines with typical Koshu grape character!

Grace Koshu:

Grace Koshu is a pioneer of Koshu wine. When Jancis Robinson(a wine reviewer), introduced this as a Japanese representative in “Oxford Companion to Wine”, it started to be acknowledged as a potential to compete with European wines. The clean and fresh taste best explains Koshu grapes’ delicate citrus flavor and minerality.

Winemaker: Grace wine   Price:2700 yen

(Source: Grace wine web)


Rubaiyat Koshu Sur lie:

Rubaiyat Koshu Sur lie is a Koshu wine made with French Sur lie method- to leave wine with lie and yeast after fermentation until the following spring. Thanks to Sur lie, this wine has an extra flavor which gives weight to its original light and subtle taste of Koshu. It matches with dishes such as roasted fish or chicken seasoned with salt as well as delicate Japanese dishes.


Winemaker: Marufuji Budo-shu  Price: 1600 yen

(Source: Marufuji Budo-shu)


Chateau Mercian Koshu Kiiro-ka:

This was made as an outcome of a joint research done by a major Japanese wine producer Mercian and Bordeaux University. As shown in its name(Kiiro-ka: Yellow scent), its taste represents bright yellow citrus fruits.

Winemaker: Chateau Mercian  Price: 2200 yen

(Source: Chateau Mercian web)


Let us know if you have any interest in Koshu wines or in Japanese wines. we will provide  you a load of information. Can’t wait helping you (^_-)-☆


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