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100 yen shops and convenience stores assume a significant role of “efficient” shopping in day to day life in Japan. Sometimes you can even get lost when you visit huge 100 yen shops searching for a specific item, and you don’t have a clue where it is.

100 yen shops cover thousands of goods, with hundreds of new items arriving on a monthly basis. You will be able to find a wide variety of products such as ceramics, kitchenware, stationery, office supplies, home decorations, garden supplies, beauty supplies, bath supplies, toys, games, crafting materials and many more. You might find something that you even didn’t expect them to have which is always amazing – and of course, they all cost only 100 yen (tax exclusive).



Let’s list a few 100 yen shop chains in Japan:


With more than 5,000 stores globally, Daiso is now the biggest company in the industry. It is surprising to know that 99% of their items are originally made in collaboration with more than 1,000 partners gained during the 40+ years since they started their business.


Seria is especially popular among young women for its stylish and refined taste. You will find items that encourage a sense of fun as well as most practical items.


A reliable 100 shop for everyday necessities. More than 25 years of experience in the industry with 900 stores within Japan.

Lawson Store 100

Combination of Lawson (major convenience store in Japan) and a 100 yen shop. You will find groceries and fresh food available at the price of 100 yen in addition to other product categories that are found in other 100 yen shops.


If you are looking for any day to day materials for your home or your children’s schools, 100 yen shops are where you should go first. You will find pretty much everything you need. For shopping in Japan, read some more on our shopping page!


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