Japanese National Holidays

Have you ever wondered why there are so many national holidays in Japan? Here is a list of national holidays in 2018.


Date Weekday Holiday Name
1-Jan Monday New Year’s Day
8-Jan Monday Coming of Age Day
11-Feb Sunday National Foundation Day
12-Feb Monday National Foundation Day observed
21-Mar Wednesday Spring Equinox
29-Apr Sunday Showa Day
30-Apr Monday Showa Day observed
3-May Thursday Constitution Memorial Day
4-May Friday Greenery Day
5-May Saturday Children’s Day
16-Jul Monday Sea Day
11-Aug Saturday Mountain Day
17-Sep Monday Respect for the Aged Day
23-Sep Sunday Autumn Equinox
24-Sep Monday Autumn Equinox observed
8-Oct Monday Sports Day
3-Nov Saturday Culture Day
23-Nov Friday Labor Thanksgiving Day
23-Dec Sunday Emperor’s Birthday
24-Dec Monday Emperor’s Birthday observed

For those who are not familiar with all these, here are some explanations for some holidays above.


Coming of Age Day:

Held in order to congratulate all those who have reached age 20. Coming of age ceremonies hosted by local governments will be held throughout the whole country for celebrations, and female participants will be dressed up with their own and original Furisode (traditional kimono for unwed young women).

Showa Day:

Emperor Showa’s (1926 – 1989) birthday. Used to be celebrated as Emperor’s Birthday until 1988.

Sea Day:

To appreciate blessings from the sea and hope for prosperity of the country as an island nation. First observed in 1996.

Mountain Day:

This is the newest national holiday in Japan that started from year 2016. The legislation states that Mountain Day is intended is to provide opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from them.

Sports Day:

First observed in Oct 10 1966 to commemorate the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. Oct 10 was the day of the opening ceremony.


All public schools and the Japanese market will be out on national holidays. Setting up a lot of national holidays would be a great excuse to rest for diligent Japanese workers! Also good to have many holidays in spring and autumn; these are the best season for traveling in Japan! Let us know if you have any trouble or questions in planning your vacation – we will always be there for a hand.


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