Where to play tennis in Tokyo

For those who play sports, do you have the right environment around you to keep it up?


Some sports, tennis for example, require a specific environment to play – and sometimes the procedure is hilariously complicated to get to a comfortable and satisfying environment. There is a number of public parks with tennis courts within Tokyo, but the reservation flow is awfully perplexing and hard to follow up. Here is a table of tennis court options – as you can see in the locations and the price difference, there is such a huge advantage in using the public tennis courts.


Name Location Average Price How to Reserve
Public Tennis Courts in Tokyo Hibiya Park, Shiba Park, Kiba Park, Sarue Onshi Park, Inokashira Onshi Park, Ariake Tennis no Mori, and more. Weekdays (daytime): 1,300 – 1,500 yen
Weekends (daytime): 1,300 – 1,600 yen
Registrations take place from 1st to 10th day of each month via web and phone calls. Actual users will be decided by lot.  Users are asked to submit ID at the park administration offices to obtain registration card beforehand.
Tachikawa Ludens Tachikawa, Tokyo Weekdays (mornings) 1,600 yen / 1.5 hour
Weekdays (daytime) 2,400 yen / hour
Weekends (mornings) 4,860 yen / 1.5 hour
Weekends (daytime) 5,400 yen / hour
By phone calls: 042-525-9677

Reservations for weekends start 1 month prior.

Takanawa Tennis Center Shinagawa, Tokyo Weekdays (daytime) 11,000 yen / hour
Weekends (daytime) 15,500 yen / hour
By phone calls: 03-3441-0020

Reservations start 2 months prior.

Meiji Jingu Gaien Shinanomachi, Tokyo Weekdays (daytime) 3,600 yen / hour
Weekends (daytime) 6,200 yen / hour
By phone calls: 03-3403-0923

Reservations start every 16th day of the month for the next month.

Showa no Mori Tennis Center Akishima, Tokyo Weekdays (daytime) 3,100 yen / hour
Weekends (daytime) 5,650 yen / hour
By phone calls: 042-549-7970

Reservations start 1 months prior.


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