Flowing Somen Party!

Up for a summer party? How about a Japanese style party with flowing somen? If you don’t go with the traditional way it’ll be pretty easy and quick to prepare, and kids will definitely love the noodles! Traditionally, flowing somen will look like this.

The somen noodles will flow through a bamboo toi, and people catch them while they flow down the water stream. You won’t be able to do this unless you have a very large backyard with a bamboo bush. However – these days there are some flowing somen machines sold for domestic use. I must say, these machines are incredibly easy to handle AND super fun! Check these out when you have a moment 🙂

 Image cited from Amazon.co.jp


The good part of somen noodles is that you can choose the seasonings and make the taste of your own. Popular seasonings for somen are green onion, shiso (Japanese basil), ginger, sesame and Shichimi-togarashi (Japanese mixture of spices).

If your looking for ideas and inputs for summer style parties in Japan we are more than happy to make suggestions. We are just one phone call away 🙂


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