Sushi Delivery

Sushi is a big treat for Japanese families. Eating sushi at a sushi counter in a popular restaurant is probably the best you could ask for, but still, quality of sushi delivery is not that bad.

Gin no Sara

Sushi Joto

Tsukiji Kaihin

Kakiya Sushi

If you are planning to order sushi for a kids party or a casual family event, I would go for Gin no Sara or Sushi Joto. They have a lot that the children can choose from, and they even have kids menus. Last time when we ordered sushi at Sushi Joto, my children got sushi erasers as a bonus 🙂 Grown-ups were also satisfied with the quality.

For formal events, I would think to choose from Tsukiji Kaihin and Kakiya Sushi. They both have wonderful seafood and are perfect choices for special business or family gatherings.

We can help you read and order via Japanese websites. Let us know when you need a quick help anytime during the day!


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