Ice cream and popsicles in Japan

Summer heat is still going on – just thought of introducing ice creams and popsicles you will generally see in grocery stores and convenience stores in Japan. What a fun topic 🙂

ガリガリ君 Gari Gari Kun

A very famous product in Japan, loved by all generations. Their advertising flavor is soda, but comes in various flavors such as coke, pear, lemon, strawberry and many many more. This product was originally imaged to design how would it be like to have shaved ice as a popsicle – so will give you a refreshing feeling!

アイスの実 Ice no Mi

Another fruity product for your snack time! All flavors come in fruit flavors so if you are looking for light and fresh refreshments, these are the right choices for you.

ピノ Pino

The perfect combination in all ages – vanilla and chocolate! You will find 6 small cubes in each box, and they come with a small pick to keep your hands clean.

チョコモナカジャンボ Choco Monaka Jumbo

Monaka is a kind of Japanese sweets of bean jam wrapped with thin wafers made from rice cake. This product is designed to mock monakas, but instead they have vanilla ice cream and a chocolate bar inside of wafers. A must try while you are in Japan!


Let us know your favorite ice cream or popsicle brand!

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