Vermeer in Tokyo

Dear art lovers in Tokyo – as you may be aware, the 9 great works of Vermeer will be in exhibited at the Ueno no Mori Museum until Feb, 2019. There is a special website for this exhibition (unfortunately in Japanese only), let us know if you need any help in understanding the details.

Exhibition: Making the Difference:Vermeer and Dutch Art

Schedule: 5Oct2018 – 3Feb2019

Closed: 13Dec2018

Time: 9:30am – 8:30pm (No admission after 30 minutes prior to closing time)

Inquires: 0570-008-035 (9:00am – 8pm)

Ueno no Mori Museum is a three minutes walk from the Ueno station. No parking spaces.

Please note all tickets are pre-ordered and no tickets will be sold at the counter on arrival. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing tickets.


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