What is Depachika?

What is Depachika?


In Japanese department stores, the basement floor is a foodstuff market area. These areas go by the nickname “depachika” (a combination of “depato”, meaning department store, and “chika”, meaning basement).

The “depachika” of Japan are fun places, kind of like “food theme parks”. The selections in these markets can be broken up into two categories: an area featuring everyday delicatessen style items and an area featuring snacks and treats. And vegetables and fish are also sold at the perishable goods market area.



My favorite depachika is the one in Ginza Mitsukoshi. Usually buy sushi or deli food to go for dinner after work. I also go there to buy bread at JOHAN, one of the most popular bakery store you can find in Mitsukoshi. I order birthday cake for my family at cake shop in depachika, too. No specific shop, it’s fun to try different shop every time.

Sometimes on weekends, i enjoy hanging around in  Depachika with no shopping list. There is fresh juice stand next to JOHANat Nihombashi Mitsukosi,  I love to drink 100% fresh grape juice in this time of year .

Quality of food in depachika is pretty good, a bit pricy comparing to other stores but it worth spending.


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