Convenience stores in Japan are convenient!

Japan’s convenience stores (called konbini in Japan) offer not only groceries, but also daily necessities and even magazines. They are truly convenient, and you can find almost anything you could want, all in one place. There are convenience stores practically every few blocks in larger cities in Japan.

Japanese convenience take the word “convenience” very seriously and are more than just a store full of products. In fact, a lot of people come in and don’t even buy anything.

Many use the in-store copy machines, ATMs, movie/concert/overnight bus ticket kiosks and instant picture printers. Many stores also have some sort of partnership with delivery services, making them a great alternative to long lines at the post office, and you can even arrange for your luggage to be kept safe and shipped to the airport, saving you the hassle of lugging it with you on the trains to catch your flight.

You can buy all kinds of ready-to-eat food from rice balls (called Onigiri) to Oden, you can even buy alcohol at convenience stores.



Try and have a look of convenience stores in Japan.

Let’s see which convenience store chains you like. My favorite is Seven Eleven nearby my house:)

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