Japanese Traditional “Osechi-Ryori” for New Year’s Day

As you may see Japanese special foods for New years Day which looks like a huge bento-box , we call that “Osechi-Ryori” in Japan. Osechi-ryori is specially prepared New Year’s food eaten to give thanks and wish for happiness and […]

Winter break homework ~ Japanese Calligraphy ~

Winter break has begun! (Or will begin soon!) One of the traditional winter break homework is Calligraphy in Japan. The first calligraphy in the year called 書き初め “Kaki-zome” ( First calligraphy). 書道“Shodo”(Calligraphy) has been practiced to cultivate one’s inner self. […]

Tori no Ichi festival

Have you heard ” Tori no Ichi ” before ? It’s a  big festival at Otori Shrine in Asakusa from Edo period(18century). “Tori ” means Rooster so that the festival  helds on the day of Rooster of Chinese zodiac calendar in November. […]

New Year Countdown Events in Tokyo

#1) Asakusa Hanayashiki It is the first and oldest amusement park built in Japan. On the last day of December, Hanayashiki will close at 18:00 for a brief time, before they open again at 21:00 for the special event of […]

Ginzan Hot spring

We Japanese love onsen, or hot springs especially in autumn and winter. Some onsen inns have outdoor onsen to enjoy the nature while you are in nicely hot water. I would like to introduce Ginzan onsen in Yamagata prefecture. This […]

Karatsu Pottery

Have you ever been to Kyushu island which is located south west in Japan? “Kyu” of Kyushu island means nine. There used to be nine provinces in Kyushu Island back in Edo period. Now the island consists of seven prefecture […]