I. What To Do Immediately After an Earthquake 

0 – 2 Minutes: Protect Yourself

2 – 5 Minutes: Handling Fires

5 – 10 Minutes: Make Sure Your Family is Safe

10 Minutes – Half Day: Check to see that your neighbors or others nearby are OK and help each other.

1st Half Day- Third Day : Take care of yourself and work with others to take care of your area.

● Use  water and food you have on hand.
● Gather correct disaster information and notifications. Do not be confused by misinformation.
● Do not enter collapsed houses.
● Be ready to help and cooperate with others.
● Observe the rules at Emergency Shelters.
● Help care for the elderly and handicapped.

Third Day On Help Rebuild Your Community.

● Residents, companies and the government will work together to rebuild the community.

Disaster Emergency Message Dial: (171) 
Message board for communication when a disaster. By entering your landline phone number as a pin code, you can leave a message on the system when other family members who share the same landline number can listen.

Non-Japanese broadcast 
< TV > NHK - 1, BS 1 and 2 (bilingual broadcasts - English)
< FM / AM > InterFM - 76.1 MHz (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, French) NHK - 693 KHz (Japanese, English) AFN - 810 KHz (English)

Evacuation Centers Map
Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Map (Tokyo Metro Politan Government)

II. Preparation

Obtain Guides:

Install Useful App:

  • MSI (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance) Emergency Navigation : Free App for knowledge bank to learn about the disaster and know-hows in time of disaster situation.  Also, navigation from evacuation centers from your present location on the map along with the directional compass.
  • Yurekuru app : notify you the outbreak of the earthquake

Prepare an earthquake evacuation kit (for 3days):

  • Water: 1 gallon / 4 liters of water per person, per day for drinking and sanitation
  • Food: 3 days worth of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare foods (canned, shelf stable)
  • Additional Items to Include:
    Plastic (saran) wrap, paper cups and plates, utensils (wrap to avoid washing)
    Manual can opener
    First aid kit including essential medications, prescriptions
    Flash light with extra batteries
    Portable radio with extra batteries
    Filter mask
    Tool to turn off utilities (wrench, pliers, or multi-purpose tool)
    Sanitation and personal hygiene items
    Garbage bags & plastic ties for personal sanitation, garbage
    Blankets (emergency)
    Warm clothes, change of clothes
    Copies of important documents, ID
    Passport, 30,000 yen in cash
    Family and emergency contact information
    Map of the area (evacuation areas)


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