【Information】QuickHelpJapan’s business adopted as Tokyo Metropolitan Government-subsidized project

QuickHelpJapan provides personal service to foreign residents in Japan and opportunities for stay-at-home women

QuickHelpJapan’s business chosen as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-subsidized Start-up project. Top-class Human Resources management of foreign talents to be accelerated

QuickHelpJapan Inc. (QHJ, Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Founder and CEO: Yukiko Minami) provides personal concierge services to foreign residents and career opportunities for stay-at-home women in Japan. QHJ proudly announces its business has been chosen to be subsidized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center as of 1 Aug 2018. Backed by the Metropolitan Government, QHJ will make an increased effort to accelerate top-class human resources management of foreign talents.

【Company Profile】
Company Name: QuickHelpJapan Inc.
Founder and CEO: Yukiko Minami
URL: https://quickhelpjapan.com/

【Our Services】
QuickHelpJapan provides personal concierge services online 24 hours everyday to establish a daily support framework for the increasing foreign professionals in Japan. Services are mainly given by stay-at-home women with international and professional backgrounds, who were required to take a break from their careers after having children.
1. Corporate Services: For companies with foreign employees
・Day 1 Support Package (Airport Pickup, Housing Contract, Bank Account Setup, Ward Office Registration)
・Trouble Support
・Interpretations and Translations
・Bookings and Arrangements
・Onsite services on request basis
2. Private Memberships: For students and short term visitors
・Service apartments / Vacation rentals arrangements
・Travel insurance / Damage insurance sign-up support
・Any other communication support

【Tokyo Metropolitan Government-subsidized Start-up Project】
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center backs small to medium sized enterprises to boost their businesses by partly aiding their initial cost. This subsidy is aimed to create a start-up model case and industrial vitality by promoting job growth within Tokyo.


QuickHelpJapan Inc. (Yukiko Minami / Yuri Izumi)
TEL: 03-3707-4420
E-mail: admin@quickhelpjapan.com

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