【Information】Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2018

QuickHelpJapan participates in the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2018@Tokyo Big Sight

~QuickHelpJapan provides daily support service to foreign residents in Japan~

QuickHelpJapan Inc. (QHJ, Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Founder and CEO: Yukiko Minami) has participated in the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition (Date and Time: Nov. 14th to 16th, 10am to 6pm) as a member of “Team Setagaya” organized by the Setagaya Industrial, Commercial & Workers’ Service Corporation.

Having the chance to interact with a huge number of management executives and business owners, it was a splendid opportunity to learn about the serious labor shortage among small and medium sized companies. Our decision to accept an Argentine intern during the exhibition period as part of  Tokyo metropolitan government’s project to promote introduction of foreign human resources has helped us describe not only our service but our business mission, such as “Multi-Cultural Society “, “Acceptance of Foreign Resource”, “New Value Creation”, and “Togetherness Pioneers the Future”.

QHJ is committed to actively engaging itself in the enhancement of its service to foreign residents in Japan and is eager to work cooperatively with companies with foreign employees, companies with overseas business, and with administrative agencies throughout the country. For more details, please feel free to inquire.


QuickHelpJapan Inc. (Atten. Minami / Izumi)

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