Japanese Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement in Japan is called Ikebana, a tradition to arrange and observe seasonal flowers. Kado is a type of Ikebana – it is an art to combine flowers and trees which is said to be established during the mid Muromachi […]

Festive season flower arrangement

The holiday season is approaching! I have found very beautiful peonies at a flower shop near Nakameguro station. These flowers are for flower arrangement class. In the Japanese traditional flower arrangements “Ikebana”, red color plants called “ 千両”Sen-ryo, “万両” Man-ryo […]

Cultural Experience

Try some of Japanese cultural exerience while you are in Japan.  English Courses are available below: Cooking: Sushi Academy Tsukiji: Be a Sushi Master Tsukiji Cooking School: Tsukiji Market Tour & Cooking lesson   Tea Ceremony: KyotoKan (Kyoto Info Center): 20 […]