Baggage Storage

A. coin-operated lockers

You can find coin-operated lockers at most of JR or subway stations.
Standard price of Coin locker:
400 yen/per day: Locker Size: H550×W340×D570(㎜) 
500 yen/per day: Locker Size: H840×W340×D570(㎜) 
600 yen/per day: Locker Size: H1030×W340×D570(㎜)

Coin locker Navi:  a search site that can find a coin-operated lockers in Japan, such as train stations , tourist destinations in Tokyo and Osaka.  You can search from the location where you are at.

B. Temporary storage services
Temporary storage services for big suitcases that won’t fit in the coin-operated lockers are offered

Tokyo Metro
Sagawa Express
Yamato Transportation
Department Store

JR Tokyo Station:
I. Short-term storage
1F Travel Service Center (outside of ticket gates) 
- Short-term baggage storage: Fee: 600 yen/per piece *Each item must have a total length + width + height of less than 250 cm (Maximum length: 2 m)
*Maximum weight per piece: 30 kg (66 lbs.)
- Home delivery, airport courier
- Porter service with reserbation - phone: 03-5221-8123 
*From this facility, we will carry your luggage (paid service) to the JR East Shinkansen platform, "Narita Express" Limited Express platform, some areas of the Tokaido Shinkansen, or a Hato Bus stop 

B1 GRANSTA Cloak(inside of ticket gates) 

II. Multi-day baggage storage

Rail Go Service: 420 yen/per piece (per night)





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