Grapes and Vineyard in Yamanashi

Japan has four seasons, as you know. So, you can enjoy seasonal foods accordingly,

In autumn, orchards in Japan get quite busy with juicy autumn fruits and fruit lovers.

There are very nice orchards near Tokyo, but if you have time, it would be a wonderful option to go to Yamanashi prefecture, known as a kingdom of fruits.

Yamanashi prefecture is located among Kanagawa, Saitama and Shizuoka prefectures,

At the famous orchard “Kojuen”, they offer not only juicy sweet grapes, but also BBQ with local wines.

Talking about local wines, thanks to their suitable land and weather for growing fruits, they do have nice wineries too!

In autumn, they have a festival called Katsunuma Grape Festival” where you can enjoy their local wines with tasty foods. That will be held on Oct. 7th(Sat.)  this year, by the way.

My favorite winery is Suntory Tominooka winery. In addition to their good wines, they have a cafe where you can enjoy the view of vineyards wide spread in front of you. Having lunch there, I felt like I was in South France or what.

I think people who live in Yamanashi are lucky because foods are good, wine is good,the view of Mt Fuji is magnificent and there they also have hot springs!

To go to Yamanashi prefecture, it takes two and + hours by car from Tokyo. Not too far to go there as one day trip, is it?

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