After-School Enrichment Lessons for Children

It is very common to see children participate in multiple after-school enrichment lessons these days in Japan. Listed below are said to be the most popular ones recently:

  • Swimming: In addition to maintain a healthy body and mind, swimming is said to have a positive impact on brain development and asthma prevention.
  • Piano: Helps cultivate an artistic sensibility and positive mentality by practicing and playing at recitals.
  • English: Parents choose from various choices – from major kids English schools to newly built international schools after-school lessons.
  • Gymnastics: Helps improve base strength and power that could be beneficial in playing any other sports.


Traditional enrichment programs in Japan:

  • Calligraphy: Beautiful handwriting is still a huge plus in Japan. Calligraphy lessons are also said to provide opportunities to learn good manners and postures.
  • Abacus: Said to strengthen ability to do mental calculations as well as improve concentration level.


Parents tend to spend more money these days on after school lessons compared to the past due to reduced birthrate and more attention on early childhood education. Let us know if you are interested in this topic and would like to know more – we have a lot of mothers among our staff with diverse backgrounds, who are happy to give tips and advises based on their own experiences bringing up children here in Japan 🙂


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