Delivery Services

Delivery services are called 宅急便 Takkyubin in Japan and the major companies are Yamato Transport Co.Sagawa Express and Japan Post. Today we will go through the basics of how to send and receive packages using Yamato.


Sending Packages

Customers should either request online or by phone calls to have their packages to be picked up at their homes, or take their packages to the Yamato stores themselves. Note most convenience stores in Japan are also capable of handling Yamato packages.

Packing should be taken care by the customers, and cardboard boxes or bags should be firmly taped. Packages must be sent out with waybills which look like this:

Senders are required to fill out within the bold-line frame with the information below:

Upper left: Receiver’s zipcode, phone number, address and name

Lower left: Sender’s zipcode, phone number, address and name

Upper right: Requested delivery date and time range, package description


Receiving Packages

If you ever see a yellow “Attempted Delivery Notice” inside of your mailbox, it means that a delivery staff from Yamato visited during your absence.

Recipients would need to take necessary actions depending on the situation shown on the notice. If the package was not delivered to a delivery locker (if equipped), then most times recipients would have to request re-delivery.


I am sure you will be fascinated with the accuracy and punctuality of the Japanese delivery services. Everything is handled very carefully and delivered in a timely manner. Shipments can also be tracked online.


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