Travel with Your Dog

If you have a dog and you decide to go on a trip with him/her, what would you think of first?

I recently found an interesting service carried out by Japanese air carriers that allows dog owners to fly with their dogs in the cabin.

Japan Airlines (JAL) just had their dog friendly charter plane “Wan Wan (stands for “bow wow”) Jet” finish its 4 day trip on Mar 11. It was the second time for JAL to plan a tour for dog owners, and this time their destination was Naha, Okinawa. Travelers were able to sit right next to their beloved dogs during their 3 hours flight and stay at a dog friendly accommodation which had options to enjoy aquatic activities with their dogs. Also, a veterinarian accompanied the travelers and stayed at the same hotel so that they can cope with any unexpected situations. Although this tour is quite pricey, it definitely became a new option for all dog-owners who wish to enjoy their vacations with their fluffy family members.


For those who want to travel by trains or Shinkansens (bullet trains), pets are allowed if they are carried in a cage. It is also a good idea to travel by car so that your pet would not be subjected to any public transportation stress.

There are a huge numbers of pet friendly accommodations throughout the country. Listing some below, but let us know if you need help in searching some more around your destination.

  • Garden Biyori  (Vacation rental) – Chiba prefecture near the Kujukuri beach – your pet will love to run around the sand beach. There is a huge dog run and a large space to enjoy BBQ.
  • Nagomi no Inuyado Mutsumian (Hotel) – Izu, Shizuoka prefecture – Guests will enjoy their own outside onsen baths equipped in their balconies. There is a huge dog run that can also be used early in the morning and at night.


Pet related or not, let us know if you need any help in searching the right information to make your life smoother and easier in Japan. We strive to relieve daily burden of all sizes for those living in Japan with limited Japanese or cultural knowledge.


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