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Legoland Japan is celebrating its first anniversary by opening a Legoland Hotel on the premises. I am sharing a few points based on my own experience taking a 2 year old, 4 year old, and two 7 year old girls on a one night trip to Legoland in Nagoya. Unfortunately Legoland Hotel was not in operation yet so we stayed at a small hotel right next to Nagoya station which was fairly good.

To go to Nagoya from Yokohama where we started out trip, basically we have 2 options – domestic flight or bullet train. This time we took the bullet train option because of the accessibility from the station to Legoland. Based on my own experience at a hotel reservation office, I first thought of reaching out to JR Tokai Tours (a JR owned travel agency) for low cost tours with bullet train tickets and it turned out to be a very good idea. A weekend one night trip with a decent hotel room with breakfast and bullet train tickets inclusive, we got a rate of 44,000 JPY for 1 adult, 1 school age, and 1 infant and that was not bad.

Leaving Shin-Yokohama station at around 7:20 am, we were able to get to Legoland just before it opened at 10am. The night before our trip, there was an announcement on its official website that they are expecting a huge number of visitors that day and they might restrict admission (maybe because of the spring vacation and the pre-opening of Legoland Hotel) which completely freaked us out, but we managed to get in quite smoothly. Actually our impression when we got there was… “Not bad at all.” This may be because we already know what it looks like if we tried to bring our children to Tokyo Disneyland on a spring vacation weekend and it would be disastrous –  too many people we even cannot make ourselves move forward after viewing parades.

You can see from below picture taken from the observation tower that the place is not too crowded – or we can say it was rather moderate from a Tokyo metropolitan area point of view. Children were able to fully enjoy every ride they wanted to get on including the Dragon (roller coaster), Splash Battle (pirate ship with water guns – ALL passengers will get soak wet), and Submarine Adventure (takes passengers underwater to observe actual fish and Lego exhibitions). The age range of our children was perfect for Legoland. They literally had a blast.

Artistic work made of Lego were displayed all over the place and simply amazed us all. The cherry blossom display is even on the Guinness World Records – it was a piece of art. It is going to be displayed until early May, so definitely recommend to plan a Nagoya trip if you are interested.

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