Attending a Japanese Wedding

How many of you have experiences attending a Japanese friend’s wedding? Weddings held in Japan are somewhat different from the western ones. There may be things in common but most of the customs here are Japan-specific.

After a Japanese couple decides to get married and introduce themselves to their parents and families, first thing to do is to decide their wedding day according to a special calendar for ceremonial functions called Rokuyo. Best days for weddings are said to be Taian days on the calendar – though best to pick a Taian day for weddings, this day will be most popular among couples and hence most expensive.

Once the day is decided, next the couple decides on the wedding style, such as Shinto, Buddhist, Chapel styles or simply making wedding vows in front of their guests. Also they would need to think of the venue whether it would be a hotel banquet hall, a restaurant, or a wedding party room. Everything will be decided based on their own and their family’s budget and values.

Bridal showers, bachelor parties, and rehearsal dinners are not much common in Japan. The biggest event would be the ceremony itself (whether it would be at a shrine or a chapel) and the reception held after this. It is rare in Japan to have bride’s maids and groom’s men at weddings – wedding arrangements tend to be a collaboration of both families, and parents’ intentions are still a matter of high priority.

Simply let us know whenever you are unsure what to wear or to bring to Japanese ceremonial occasions. As for weddings, if you are attending as a guest, you are expected to bring some gift money and put them in a special envelope called “Goshugi-bukuro”. You will be asked to present it at the reception. Contact us for more information!


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