Images of June in Japan

June is the only month without a national holiday in Japan. Rainy days and no long weekends may make you feel a bit blue.. But that is not just it! Here are some bright side images of June in Japan – Come take a look when you have a minute 🙂


Hydrangea – Best season in June during the rainy season. The color of the flowers depends on the soil acidity: if the soil is acid, flowers turn out to be blue, and if alkaline, red. The color gradation is simply fascinating during the best season.


Teru teru bozu – Children’s lucky charm hanged by the windowsill to keep away rain.


Japanese plum – Harvest time! Plums are processed into jam, juice, wine and pickles. Definitely worth a try while you are in Japan.


Father’s Day – Celebrated in Japan just like in other countries.


Lavenders in Hokkaido – Outstanding and stunning! If you are willing to visit Hokkaido, June is absolutely the best season for flowers.


There are so many ways to enjoy your life in Japan during each season. Even during the rainy season in June, we can recommend a number of activities or places to visit with your loved ones. Let us know your preference and we’ll do a research just for you 🙂


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