Sanno Matsuri @ Hie Shrine

Sanno Matsuri is one of the 3 major festivals in Tokyo, and also counted as 3 great festivals in Japan together with the Gion festival (Kyoto) and Tenjin festival (Osaka). Sanno Matsuri is held yearly in mid-June, at Hie Shrine located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. This festival particularly had importance during the Edo period as it was state-funded, and the omikoshi (portable shrine) was carried into the Edo Castle for the successive Shoguns to be worshiped.

Dates: Thursday, June 7 to Sunday, June 17

This year the magnificent Shinko-sai Festival will be held on Friday, June 8th and you will witness a 300 meters long parade with approximately 500 participants dressed up in old-time costumes, holding up omikoshi (portable shrine) and dashi (float) along with them.

Click here for parade routes.

The parade will start at 7:30 am from Hie Shrine, go around the Imperial Palace,  pass through Marunouchi and Ginza, and will return to the shrine at 4:45pm. Meanwhile a number of traditional events such as tea ceremony and Japanese flower arrangements will take place in the temple grounds for visitors to enjoy.

There are countless traditional festivals carried out throughout the country for you to visit. We’ll be sharing seasonal festivals to you one by one – hope this will help you plan your weekends!


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