Renting a place in Tokyo

If you go house hunting in Japan, you might be interested in looking for the below conditions: South Facing / 南向き: Unlike houses in other western countries, houses in Japan have very limited space and are not exposed to all […]

Sanno Matsuri @ Hie Shrine

Sanno Matsuri is one of the 3 major festivals in Tokyo, and also counted as 3 great festivals in Japan together with the Gion festival (Kyoto) and Tenjin festival (Osaka). Sanno Matsuri is held yearly in mid-June, at Hie Shrine […]

Vegan and Vegetarian

I have found an article about Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Japan at Japan Travel Forum of Tripadvisor. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, Ovo-Vegetarians,Lacto-Vegetarians and Vegans. For Pescatarians, there are still some options to eat in Japan. Shojin Ryori Shojin-ryori(精進料理) is a vegetarian meal […]

Tori no Ichi festival

Have you heard ” Tori no Ichi ” before ? It’s a  big festival at Otori Shrine in Asakusa from Edo period(18century). “Tori ” means Rooster so that the festival  helds on the day of Rooster of Chinese zodiac calendar in November. […]

New Year Countdown Events in Tokyo

#1) Asakusa Hanayashiki It is the first and oldest amusement park built in Japan. On the last day of December, Hanayashiki will close at 18:00 for a brief time, before they open again at 21:00 for the special event of […]

Must-See Winter Illuminations in Tokyo

After Halloween is over, you will start seeing winter illuminations all over Japan. Tokyo, as it is the capital of Japan, has the numerous good spots for them.   Don’t keep yourself inside the house for the whole winter evenings. […]

Tokyo Ramen Show 2017

When my friends visited us from USA, they had a list of things they wanted to try in Japan. One of the list was “Japanese Ramen in Japan.” Yes, in Japan, Ramen culture has been established in addition to Sushi, […]

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony sounds a little too Japanese to you, doesn’t it? You may wonder what you should put on for the traditional ceremonies or you are not sure about the manners to follow. To tell the truth, that kind […]