Commonly Used School Supplies in Japanese Schools

Usually, parents receive explanations regarding rules and what to prepare prior to the start date, but let’s take a look at some of the common stuff used in Japanese elementary schools for quick your reference.


Bookbags – Traditionally red bags were for girls and black were for boys, but there is a variety of color choices these days. It is not uncommon to see children design and customize their own bags and make them one and only.

Gym clothes and caps – Gym clothes and caps are specified for some schools, but if not parents will have to prepare for their own children. Your child will need them for PE classes and Sports day.

Handbag – Children will carry back their gym clothes, school lunch aprons, and indoor shoes on Friday for cleaning. They will need an additional bag to carry their stuff.

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Indoor Shoes and Shoe Bags – Children will have to change their shoes when they reach the school entrance every morning.

Toolbox – Toolboxes are generally used to keep crayons, scissors, rulers, color pencils and other supplies placed in order inside of children’s school desks.

Wipes – Children will clean their own classrooms everyday after class.


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