Prepare for the Heavy Rain

Here comes the rainy season with typhoon risks. For those who are not familiar with how to gather disaster information, here are some major sources to check.


Go to Japan Meteorological Agency website for detailed weather warnings and advisories of your area. You will be able to find risk maps for landslide, inundation and flood. All of them will be updated with real-time information, and they will provide a good indication of how significant the situation is.

Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Map provides real time weather data risk with other important information such as evacuation area locations and “going-home support”. FYI “Going-home support” shows the safest way home when a major disaster hits the city. There will be local community support given such as food, places to rest, and bathroom usage for people on the designated route. After the Great East Japan Earthquake happened in 2011, various discussions took place – now local governments, communities and the citizens are still working together to provide better solutions on the “commuting issues” when the public transportation does not function right after a major disaster occurs.

You can also sign up for the official twitter account of the Disaster Prevention Management Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for real time twitter alerts.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to check the where the evacuation centers are in case anything happens in your area.


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