4 tips to overcome summer heat this year!

The rainy season is over and hot summer days have started. As many of you already know, summer in Japan is not a very comfortable season. Even for us who were born and brought up in Japan, sometimes it can be very tough.

summer heatstroke


According to the static from Japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency, more than 5 million people were taken to the hospital because of heatstroke last summer. The statics say that the elderly, infants and people who are not used to summer in Japan such as foreigners tend to get heatstroke easily.


To make your summer time safe and sound, let me introduce you some important tips!


  1. Make sure that you drink water and take breaks frequently if you are outside. Take a water bottle or something to drink with you when you get outside!

summer heatstroke water

  1. Make sure that you absorb a reasonable amount of sodium. You don’t need to take too much, but sodium goes out from your body when you sweat heavily. Just keep in your mind to try to take it a bit more than usual.

summer heatstroke sodium

  1. Make sure to get enough sleep and keep your body healthy. The balance among protein, vitamin and minerals are very important to recover your body from summer heat fatigue.

summer heatstroke vegetables

  1. Try some special goods to cool your body down. You will see a lot of shops selling these goods during the summer. Find your favorite cooling item and enjoy summer!

heatstroke cool-down goods



We hope your summer time will become wonderful and unforgettable. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help spending a great summer time.


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