Still have a chance to send a summer gift!

How many of you know one of the Japanese customs called “Chugen”? How many of you have already done the arrangement for it?


Japanese custom Chugen

Chugen is a communication tool showing appreciation towards people who have helped you either personally or professionally. In Japan to show the appreciation, people send gifts in summer.

One thing you have to be careful when you send Chugen is that there is an appropriate period depending on areas.

Check out the periods below!


Japanese custom Chugen

● Hokkaido area (The north part of Japan)

The middle of July to 15th of August

● Touhoku and Kanto areas (The northeast and east parts of Japan)

The beginning of July to 15th of July

● Chubu area (The central part of Japan)

July and August, different depends on which prefecture is

● Toukai, Kansai, Chugoku and Shikoku areas

(The east china sea, southwest, china and small 4 islands parts of Japan)

The middle of July to 15th of August

● Kyushu area (The south part of Japan)

The beginning of August to 15th of August

●    Okinawa (The southernmost part of Japan)

Till 15th of July in lunar calendar


As you can see, the period of Chugen is from the beginning of July to 15th of August and different among areas. Probably sending gifts to somebody in Touhoku, Kanto and Okinawa is too late, but there is a still chance to send summer gifts to other areas!

If you need any help in summer gift arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you in any way.


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