Where to look first for room decorations

Where do you usually go to when thinking of redecorating your place or welcoming another family member? Do you know the right places to look for your own taste? Here are some possible options in Tokyo at affordable prices.


A very popular choice among Japanese households with a variety of choices at reasonable prices. They give a 1 year warranty basically for all items, and a 5 year warranty for bigger items such as tables, sofas, beds and other large furniture.


Muji offers simple and sofisticated items with a wide variety from stationary to household items and apparel. Excellent in quality and have good sizes suitable for Japanese homes.

Zara Home

A must try when you are looking for import sizes. Store locations in Tokyo are Aoyama, Toyosu, Futako-Tamagawa, and Tachikawa.


Although IKEA is not located in central Tokyo, it’s worth the travel.  IKEA stores close to central Tokyo are in Tachikawa, Yokohama, and Funabashi. If you are looking for stylish, low cost furniture why not take a look?

– 100 yen shops

Last and not least, most 100 yen shops sell a variety of house decoration – just visit a store and see what you can buy for only 100 yen. Especially when you are up for a new challenge, it is always better to start from reasonable items.


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