Ideas to retain your pleasant memories

What do you do with your photos taken with your smart phones or cameras? Do you save them to hard drives or clouds? Why not create your own physical photo album online? It is not expensive and can be done right away.
I actually make them in my/my children’s special occasions such as: my friend’s wedding, my children’s graduation, vacations, family events, etc. and they always turn out very nice and make me want to share them to everyone around me 🙂
This is basically what you need to do:
– Choose product type (size, numbers of pages and photos)
– Choose which photos to include
– Allocate photos
– Order online
Everything can be done online, and you will receive the album in a week or two after ordering. Let us know if you have trouble reading Japanese in above links! Some products are reasonable enough for small gift or omiyage (souvenir) options.

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