How to register for a car sharing service

Have you ever thought of utilizing the car sharing service here in Japan? The most popular car sharing service here is “Times Car Plus” ran by a major pay-by-the-hour parking lot company. These days, it is less common for young singles to own a car in Japan due to space issues and maintenance expenses, thus car sharing has become a sound and reasonable option.

This is what you will need for registration:

  1. International Driver’s License
  2. Passport
  3. Current address identification documents

As you can see, this service is intended for residents and travelers are not in the scope of the service under the current system. However “Times Car Plus” is aiming to change this by 2020 in the face of expected lack of transportation. With car sharing, drivers can save a considerable amount of money such as parking fees, insurance, taxes and all the hassle. They can simply make reservations online whenever they need a car and show up at their nearest car station – simple as that! Let us know if you would like to consider registering, we are always happy to give you a hand.


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