Simultaneous interpreting at Win Off-the-Pitch 2018

QuickHelpJapan participated in Win Off-the-Pitch 2018 talk sessions & awarding ceremony hosted by Sport for Smile last Sunday as simultaneous interpreting volunteers.

Sport For Smile is the first-ever platform in Japan to use sport for social change. We were able to hear many interesting and impressive stories of young leaders in Japan who are struggling to make a better world with the power of football. It was the first time to learn about “inclusive football” for us, and again it was very surprising to know that there are multiple styles in this, such as blind football, amputee football, and power wheelchair football.

Although our staff do not usually cover simultaneous interpreting and are not professionally trained, we were able to enjoy ourselves and take full advantage of this opportunity. What an exciting experience we had! We were fully exhausted after the long day.. but we had a blast. Truly grateful for all the support we had to make this opportunity a successful one!

Please refer to Sport For Smile website for details of this event:

Date: Aug 26, 2018

Time: 14:00 – 17:30

Venue: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Organizer: Sport For Smile
Funded by: Fare network (UK) *the official partner of FIFA on the issue of anti-discrimination
Supported by:Japan Football Association/ Japan Professional Soccer League
Special Cooperation by: Adidas Japan
Cooperation by: Techno Art, Inc. Tokyo/ QuickHelpJapan, Inc.


Exciting events are more to come!

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