Typhoon Trami

A very strong typhoon “Trami” hit Japan from 29 Sep to 1 Oct. First attacking the Okinawan islands with making more than 200 flights cancelled, it also made Kansai International Airport completely closed the following day. In the eastern side of Japan, the entire operation of Tokaido Shinkansens (bullet trains) were suspended by 5pm, and same went with the local JR trains by 8pm. This was why most restaurants closed early and events got cancelled – people lost their ways to reach back to their homes.

After the long dark night ended we got to know why these conservative measures were taken: blackouts, fallen trees (even in the city!), signboards on the ground, overturned cargo trucks… and many more!

(Image: NASA)

There is another huge typhoon emerging in south of Okinawa. Some experts say it might go a path similar to this huge “Trami” – we still need to stay very well prepared to another big one. Let us know if you have any concerns on disaster preparation. We are more than happy to call your local governments for detailed and specific information just for you.

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