Health Checks in Japan

Just a heads-up as we are gradually approaching the end of the fiscal year.

Have you ALL finished having your annual health checks?



Employers in Japan have a legal obligation to offer annual health check-ups to their employees, and most firms in Japan make taking such exams a requirement.

For those who currently do not work for a company, your local city/ward offices should provide you some services, but it is all up to you to take the first move. In many cases, check up services provided by the city/ward offices are free of charge or low-cost, therefore it is definitely worth a check. You will receive a list of medical facilities participating in the public service given with multiple checking options.

In general, an annual health check includes height and weight measurements, a urine test, a blood test, a chest x-ray, and vision and hearing checks. You will also be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire regarding your daily habits, your past health problems, or any other concerns on your health. It will be passed on to a doctor for you to consult on the day of the check up.



For those who have concerns with the process or have trouble reading results all in Japanese, we gladly provide assistance. Share your concerns with us and we’ll see how we can help you.


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