Harvest Moon in Japan

In Japan, we have a seasonal festival in fall, so called “Otsukimi”.

“Otsukimi“ means “viewing the moon” in Japanese. Under the lunar calendar, the full moon of mid-August is called the most beautiful moon of the year in Japan, so called the “harvest moon” in the West.

Under the solar calendar, this full moon occurs between September 7th and October 8th. “Otsukimi” is held to admire the full moon. On this night, we customarily offer rice dumplings, autumn fruits and crops and pampas grasses to the moon.

The dumplings are small and sweet that kind of look like little moons. My kids really love these dumplings with sweet bean paste (adzuki bean paste or Anko.) To make rice dumplings, the recipe calls for rice dumpling flour and water. Just mix and knead them until it gets as soft as your earlobe, shape it into small round like mini moons and boil them in hot water for a couple minutes. Its’ texture is like “mochi” so cut them in pieces when you give it to small children.

Anyway, we eat them after we have honored the moon by appreciating its beauty.

When I was a small kid, my mom took my sister and me to a walk to enjoy the full moon while rice dumplings and fresh fruits sit and waited for us in our garden (half open to public). Yes, it was super safe and peaceful in those days in my hometown(Fukuoka.)

In 2017, “Otsukimi” will be held on Oct.4th.

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