Tokyo Tower

Needless to say, Tokyo Tower is such an icon which stands out with bright red and white color even among sky scrapers in midtown Tokyo.

The shape of Tokyo Tower is designed after the Eiffel Tower in Paris where is the center of arts, culture, music and some romances (maybe.)

Thanks to the Sky Tree, it has become a little easier to get in to Tokyo Tower with shorter line to buy tickets and also to get lunch at their food court.

My family and I went to Tokyo Tower last summer on the way home from family camping in Saitama prefecture. It is exciting to stand in front of the tower even for us, Japanese people!

We parked our car right around Tokyo Tower, bought tickets and hopped on a high speed glass elevator.

Actually my husband has acrophobia and this was the first time for us to go up to the observatory of high towers with him. However he looked like he didn’t have the word, “acrophobia ” in his dictionary for father’s dignity. I was very proud of him.

However, when we hit the corner of “see-through glass floor”,

OK, this was WOW to me too. What if questions came up to my mind one after another.

When he was looking down to the ground from a little distance from this glass, my mischievous 12 years old pushed him right on the glass!

He was safe, of course but he had shiver on his back and after that they played with pulling each other toward the glass floor with laughter. OK, let’s go.

We made some memories last summer and Tokyo Tower is in my top3 for sure.


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