Where will all the Kami go?

In Japan, sometimes we call October Kannazuki, that means a month without Kami.

Kami are the spirits or phenomena in the religion, Sihnto.

It is believed that all Kami will be gone from shrines for a month somewhere else.

Where will they go?

It is said that all Kami will go to Izumo Shrine in Shimane prefecture.

The sacred oldest shrine is call as a home for all Kami on the earth and was designated National Treasures of Japan in 1952.

There is no knowledge of exactly when Izumo Shrine was built, but a record compiled around 950 describes the shrine as the tallest building.

The white papers around a big tree are Omikuji” , fortunes.

In October of the lunar calendar, a festival is held to welcome all Kami to Izumo Grand Shrine. It is believed that Kami gather at Izumo Shrine to discuss the coming year’s marriage, deaths and births.

Only in this area, October is sometimes called “Kamiarizuki” that means a month with Kami.

Kangeisai, a welcoming Kami festival will be held on Nov. 27 (Mon.) this year.

Even out of the gate of the Shrine, there are much to see in this area.

Nostalgic view of trains with ocean background.

Beautiful red and yellow leaves, it is enjoyable a little earlier than Tokyo area.

A heart shaped burger for a good match looks cute and delicious.

Japanese sweets with mochi.

Shimane prefecture is located next to Hiroshima.

It’s not a bad idea to plan an weekend trip to Shimane to see the sacred place and festivals, isn’t it?


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