October Fest in Kamakura

Autumn is the best season for true beer lovers.

Like in Munich, Germany, we do celebrate and enjoy newly brewed beer in autumn.

I would like to introduce my favorite one of them in a historical town, Kamakura.

Here are some breweries you can meet at the festival.

【Kanagawa prefecture】

Kamakura Beer



Hakone Beer



Atsugi Beer




Sagami Beer






【Iwate prefecture】

Sekinoichi brewery







【Miyagi prefecture】

Matsushima Brewing Company






【Fukushima prefecture】

Inawashiro Local Beer






【Yamaguchi prefecture】

Yamaguchi-Hagi Beer





【Kumamoto prefecture】

Shiranui-Roman Beer


【Nation wide】


Premium Series

This is my husband’s favorite too.

I wanted to keep this festival my secret because it is such a nice place to enjoy good beer with tasty foods under the blue sky, oh paradise!

However, I felt like I have to share this with you since this festival includes charity to support earthquake recovery in Kumamoto area and East Japan.

This looks like an event only for adults, but truth is that there are lots of activities for children too.

If you are lucky, you maybe meet people in historical costumes.

Foods there are very good. Since small food shops are gathering, it is a chance to explore Japanese food.

October Fest in Kamakura will be held on Oct. 7th through 8th (Sat.&Sun.) beside Kamakura City Hall.

Kamakura October Fest

Oct. 7th 12pm- 8pm

Oct. 8th 11am-7pm

There is no parking. Please use public transportation.

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