Must-go place, Shousenkyo in Kofu

The temperature is dropping rapidly nowadays and that will make the leaves really beautiful.

There are lots of places to go and see before winter. So we have to plan our trip thoughtfully.

Shousenkyo, the great valley, is located in Kofu, the capital of Yamanashi prefecture. This place is famous for its grand waterfall and amazing view.

Actually Shousenkyo has been designated as one of Scenic Beauty since 1923 and as Special Place of Scenic Beauty since 1953. As for Special Place for Scenic Beauty, it is very special so that there are only 35 places which have been designated in Japan.

The valley was naturally made with erosion of granite by the river, a stream of Fuji river and a n upper stream of Arakawa river. There are rare rocks in here, such as andesite in addition to granites.

Starting with the Nagatoro Bridge, the great valley continues for about 5 kilometers to the great waterfall, Sengataki.

You also can see Kakuenpo, Ishi-mon beside amazing views on the way to the great waterfall.

If you prefer a quick hiking, you can start from Shosenkyo Takigami bus stop or a parking nearby. It takes about 12 minutes by walk to arrive at Ishi-mon after you see the great waterfall and Kakuenpo.

There is a my car course for families with babies or elderlies. Starting from Kanazakura Shrine, you can see Arakawa dam and Otaki, the big waterfall.

There are 6km hiking course, 2.4km walking course and 1 km steep mountain course.

After those amazingly beautiful views, you will be welcomed by warm local foods.

Hoto is popular food in Yamanashi with its rich miso taste soup and hearty soft noodles. This will make you warm from your core.

Soba noodles are also special in this area. The best season for soba is coming soon (Nov. through Feb.)

Good local wines are available too, of course.

You can enjoy tours at some local wineries too.

Sadoya Winery

You can try some wines here.

Open from 10am through 6pm.

Sakaori winery from9am through 4pm

They have a tour by wine specialists too.

If you want to see all the local wines at once, there is Kaiterasu, Yamanashi local industry center. They have wines from those four wineries in Kofu and the other 41 wines in Yamanashi prefecture.

Moreover, I have to tell you that they will have a autumn festival, Take Akari, or Bamboo Light.

This festival will be held on Nov.23 through 25 (postponed from Oct. 21 through 23 because of the weather.)

If you cannot make it to this festival, there is a lighting up event from October 20 through Nov. 25.

This beautiful sight will give your family, your friends and yourself a dream-like time.

(copy right for all photos are belong to Kofu Tourism Association.)

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