Yabusame in Zushi

Have you ever seen Yabusame? Yabusame is Japanese traditional ceremony from Kamakura period. People in costumes of the time ride on horse back and hit targets with arrows.

It is really powerful and beautiful moment.

In Zushi city, there is Yabusame event on Zushi beach once a year.

Before Yabusame, there are parades by people with ancient costumes.

They look strong! A couple of foreigners were seen that year.

Chigo Gyoretsu, or kids parade

After the parade, they all go to Zushi beach for Yabusame.

Horses run through the beach and the people on the horses shoot three targets.

Yabusame will be done away in future since no one can make their special tools for Yabusame horse saddles.

Powerful and delicate Yabusame. The reason why we cannot stop loving Yabusame is that we know this traditional event will not continue forever and feel like we are witnesses of history of Yabusame.

Yabusame on Zushi Beach

November 19 (Sun)

1pm-2:45pm Yabusame

10:10am-15:20 pm Parade starting from Kamegaoka Shrine through Zushi Ginza

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