Winter break homework ~ Japanese Calligraphy ~

Winter break has begun! (Or will begin soon!)

One of the traditional winter break homework is Calligraphy in Japan.

The first calligraphy in the year called 書き初め “Kaki-zome” ( First calligraphy).

書道“Shodo”(Calligraphy) has been practiced to cultivate one’s inner self.

The culture started in imperial palace but Edo period (16th century) ordinary classes kids also writing on 2nd of January to wish their improvement.  The calligraphies are burned on 15th of January. It is said that “Higher smoke, better writing”.

There are many people go in for the exhibition and completion of Calligraphy at Nihonbudo kan or “ Fude-hajime matsuri “ at Kitano tenmangu shrine.

Today we can enjoy a lot of great Calligraphies done by primary or secondary school students on the website, “i-ten”

I have done my Fude-jimai “ Last calligraphy in the year here. “Prosperous Business!”

How about yours?

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