May I offer you a hot beverage?

Snow blizzard  all around in Japan. Tokyo Meteorological Agency issued a heavy snow warning for Tokyo for the first time in four years. Now, it’s time in Fukui…           The hot springs in winter sound fantastical. […]

Cherry blossoms Forecast

It’s been too cold the last few days. The preliminary report on Cherry blossom 2018 released. According to Weathernews(weather news provider) Tokyo will be on 22nd of March and 29th of March for Kyoto. The accommodations’ tariff Kyoto and Osaka […]

Vegan and Vegetarian

I have found an article about Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Japan at Japan Travel Forum of Tripadvisor. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, Ovo-Vegetarians,Lacto-Vegetarians and Vegans. For Pescatarians, there are still some options to eat in Japan. Shojin Ryori Shojin-ryori(精進料理) is a vegetarian meal […]

Unique Winter Activity

Skiing or sledding? There are a lot of cold weather activities in the world. But there is no activity quite like Snow Storm Experience in Gosyogawara city, Aomori. “ Jihubuki” (snow drifting ) was stared in 1988.  Goshogawara city is […]

Picking seasonal Fruits

Strawberry season has come! There are many strawaberries desserts in the shops. I have found the Dorayaki (Japanese pancake with redbean) and strawberryat Ecute Shinagawa ” Ichigo week “( Strawberry weak ) Pick Your Own Strawberries!! At ” Hamamatsu Fruits […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Welcome back to work. Today is the 1st business day for most people in Japan. What are your Resolutions for 2018? I have found the article posted in 2013. Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s […]

Year of the Dog

2018 is Year of the Dog according to Oriental zodiac. In Japan, we use the zodiac  for the year like ” Inu-doshi ” (year of the dog ) and for the day . e.g ” Inu-no hi ” ( day of the […]

Winter break homework ~ Japanese Calligraphy ~

Winter break has begun! (Or will begin soon!) One of the traditional winter break homework is Calligraphy in Japan. The first calligraphy in the year called 書き初め “Kaki-zome” ( First calligraphy). 書道“Shodo”(Calligraphy) has been practiced to cultivate one’s inner self. […]

Float citrons in the bath

冬至”To-ji” (winter solstice) is on 22nd of December. The shortest day of the year and Citrons bath day too. In Japan, there is a custom to have ゆず湯”Yuzu-yu” ( Citrons bath) on winter solstce day. The custom started in Edo period […]

Where to see Mt. Fuji

Where are the best spots for viewing Mt. Fuji? One of the frequent asked question from my overseas friends. It’s a very tough question to answer and it reminds me of Princess Ann of Roman Holiday. “Each in its own […]

Self Medication tax deduction

“Self-medication tax deduction “ has started on 1st of January 2017. What is “ Self-medicatio tax deduction” It’s a new tax system as a exceptional of medical expense deduction. After January 2017, the sum up of designated OTC ( Over-the-counter) […]

Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro 2017

“Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro “will be held from 8th to 17th of December. “Hana “means flower and “Touro” means lights on pathways. They have had the events from 2005. There are two “ Hana touro “events in Kyoto. One is Higashiyama […]

Tax Refund Declaration

Filing Tax Returns Have you submitted your “年末調整“-Nenmatsu chosei “ documents to department in charge already ? Many employed people complete their income tax adjustment with the documents. However please take a look whether you are entitled further tax returns […]

Tori no Ichi festival

Have you heard ” Tori no Ichi ” before ? It’s a  big festival at Otori Shrine in Asakusa from Edo period(18century). “Tori ” means Rooster so that the festival  helds on the day of Rooster of Chinese zodiac calendar in November. […]

Festive season flower arrangement

The holiday season is approaching! I have found very beautiful peonies at a flower shop near Nakameguro station. These flowers are for flower arrangement class. In the Japanese traditional flower arrangements “Ikebana”, red color plants called “ 千両”Sen-ryo, “万両” Man-ryo […]